Are you expecting your first baby or have you recently had a child? Are you thinking of having a second or third baby and know that you want to do things differently this time around? Are you worried about how your marriage will be different after the baby is born? Do you want to make your relationship stronger before you welcome your bundle of joy?

The reality is even great marriages struggle during the transition to parenthood. Studies show that marital satisfaction declines for 67% of couples in the first few years of parenthood. Learn skills to strengthen your relationship and effectively manage stress and conflict while meeting the needs of your child.

As a certified Gottman educator, I help couples babyproof their relationships by helping them figure out how to balance their new roles as parents. I offer private sessions as well as the Gottman Bringing Baby Home workshop, so that couples have the tools to move from couplehood to parenthood.

Make sure your relationship is ready to move from couplehood to parenthood. Book your free 15 minute consultation to learn more about babyproofing your marriage!

The greatest gift you can give your child is a strong marriage. - John Gottman