The Afterglow

A Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Support Group

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1 in 7 moms will experience more than just the "baby blues"

Have you recently had a baby? Are you thinking that maybe motherhood isn't all it's cracked up to be?

Every pregnancy, birth and child is different. Some women will breeze through several kids with no problems and then all of a sudden this time is different. Or, maybe looking back you were struggling more than you realized because you didn't know any different? And for some the first baby will turn your life upside down.  Becoming a mom is tough.

It's okay to not love every minute of being a mom.

It's overwhelming. It's frustrating. It's lonely. 

Postpartum depression is the number 1 complication of childbirth.

In a safe, confidential, nonjudgemental place, moms and babies will gather to share experiences and support each other. We will cover topics related to self-care, coping tools, questions to ask your provider when considering medication, communicating with your partner, and other common topics that new moms experience. 


This group is especially for new moms who are struggling with perinatal mood concerns or struggling with the adjustment to motherhood. 


Tuesdays 9am-10:30am
Next group starts on Tuesday, April 9, 2019
Group dates: 4/9, 4/16, 4/23, 4/30, 5/7, and 5/14


Serendipity Counseling Services
7650 Currell Blvd, Suite 305
Woodbury, MN 55125


$200.00 per series- six sessions per series

***Space is limited to 8 participants***


Is it okay to bring my baby?

ABSOLUTELY! In fact, I encourage you to bring your baby! Babies in arms are welcome. However, kiddos on the move will be bored and distracting so it's best if they can hang out with a family member or a friend if they are not in scheduled childcare.

I'm not in counseling. Is it okay to come to this group?

YES! Some find that being able to talk with other moms, share their experiences, and learn new skills is all they need to get through a slump. Others may find things coming up from either their own childhood or their current relationships that they want to work through. 

I'm already seeing a counselor. Do I really need a group too?

Many find attending a group beneficial to their healing in addition to seeing their individual therapist. I would encourage you to ask your therapist if you aren't sure or we can discuss your questions or concerns during our call. 

The thought of attending a group with strangers and talking about my struggles is super intimidating. Do I have to talk? 

I totally get it! You will not be required to share if you are not comfortable. However, I think you will find that once you get to know some of the other moms and hear their stories you will want to participate and share in the conversations. 

Do I have to attend all 6 weeks?

It isn't mandatory but it is strongly encouraged that you commit to attending the entire series. 

How is this group different from ones that are available for free in my community?

There are many different types of groups in the community and it really depends on what support you are looking to find.

The goal of a support group is to help you cope. Group members are going through similar challenges and experiences.  You've realized that your usual coping skills aren't enough and you need more support than friends and family can provide. The group is usually led by someone that has faced the particular experience and may or may not be a mental health therapist.

On the other hand, the goal of group therapy is change and is led by a mental health therapist. You've identified something needs to change because what you've been doing isn't working anymore. By learning to better understand yourself you will be able to change the thoughts and behaviors that have you feeling unhappy. 

The Afterglow combines both types of groups offering you a place of common ground, education, information, practical help, emotional and social support, as well as the expertise of a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker specializing in Maternal Mental Health and Wellness to see that you are getting the care and tools you need to feel like yourself again. 

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